Puppies and Breeding

We started to breed basenjis in 2010. First litter was born on January 10, 2010. Our “A” puppies were five – one brindle male named Ango, two brindle females Teri and Any and two redwhite females Ruby and Axi.

Father of this litter was German Multi Champion Old Legend`s Dojo-Hoshi. This balanced standard male delighted us with his mellow personality.

We breed basenjis with love – we breed for quality not quantity.

B-litter planned NOW.

Litter A


Ango Angari Tami`s TamTamy, "Ango" is a race/courising champion and lives in Belgium with two other basenji males from kennel Abuluka - Gobu and Jaya. 

AngoAngo 7 weeksAngo

Anima Mundi Tami`s TamTamy, "Any" this very elegant brindle bitch lives happy in Germany. 

Any, 8 weeksAny and KatrinAny adult

Amanita Pantherina Tami`s TamTamy, "Teri" is the only Orly`s offspring active in sport in the Czech Republic. Teri shares her home with another basenji bitch Finney. Teri makes us proud by becoming a champion of work and beauty and coursing winner 2012. 

TerinkaTerinka, 7 weeksTeri, adultTeri, Gambo

Axis Mundi Tami`s TamTamy, "Yara" lives in Ostrava with basenji boy Akim Mabanga - nephew of Mr. Frodo. 

Axi, puppyAxi 8 weeksAxi sun bathing

Amanita Rubescens Tami`s TamTamy, "Ruby" lives in Norway and is successful at shows. She will always be "Flinke Ruby" 

Ruby Ruby 7 weeksFlinke RubyRuby movement


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